Syndrome Differentiation

Syndrome Differentiation, Bow Valley TCM Clinic in Canmore, Alberta“Dominic, I’ve got constant headaches and pain in the ribs”. Are these problems related? Probably yes. In Chinese Medicine, it’s important to look at a health problem from a holistic perspective and not just the diseased area on the body. This problem is a signal telling us to stop and listen to our body, that it isn’t in harmony anymore.

So how do we use Chinese Medicine’s philosophy to help people healing? The basic idea is syndrome differentiation. Several signs and symptoms related to an organ form a syndrome. For instance, being tired after eating, craving sweets, teeth marks on the edge of the tongue, being overly worried, the inability to begin a project, being sick at the turn of a season, all show mainly spleen Qi deficiency.

When the diagnostic is established, we focus on the treatment principles. What are the objectives that the patient wishes to accomplish? In the example mentioned above, we talk about tonifying the spleen Qi. To reach that goal, herbology and acupuncture are highly recommended to patients.

My name is Dominic Vallee and I practice acupuncture in Canmore. In the following months, I will write articles related to Chinese Medicine, that being philosophical in nature, a concept, a problem like arthritis, or simply the benefits of a single herb like ginseng.

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