A Few Words on Nutrition

A Few Words on Nutrition, Bow Valley TCM Clinic in Canmore, AlbertaFirst of all, I believe that it’s important to eat something warm  for breakfast. In winter, the temperature outside is cold. You need your energy to keep your body temperature stable on top of your daily activities. If you ingest something cold, it’s like being attacked on two fronts, the internal from the breakfast and the external from the temperature. That’s just to avoid catching a common cold due to a lowered body temperature. More importantly, the kidneys are related to the Ministerial Fire. This is a more advanced theory that I will not
discuss here. On top of that, those kidneys support the spleen in transporting the essence from the food ingested. A solution is to eat a lamb stew with rice. I know, it’s a bit unusual from a western perspective but it does bring great results. Lamb is considered to have hot properties, so much easier to digest and keep the digestive system warm. The body doesn’t have to be in overdrive just to digest the food, therefore using its energy for other functions/activities. The rice itself is used to nourish and protect the stomach. Worth mentioning is the energy flowing in the spleen and stomach meridians between seven and
eleven in the morning.
Talking about the spleen, which is so underrated but oh! so important. Being in the centre of the body, it has a direct connection with each element (metal, fire, water, wood). In this case, its importance in transporting and transforming the essence from the foods is crucial, that essence being transformed into blood and energy. The spleen can become weak due to the excessive intake causing a burden on the organ. Eventually, dampness will be created and transformed into phlegm, which will accumulate and stay in the upper body, affecting the lungs, throat, sinuses, heart, and spirit. There are other reasons causing a weakening of the spleen, but I’d like to focus on food that can cause a deficient spleen: Dairy products!!! Cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream. If you want to eat any of these, lunchtime is the best because that’s when you have the most yang energy flowing in your body. Even better, put a pinch of cinnamon in your yogurt. Doing so creates more warmth and becomes easier to digest.

I hope this all makes sense!