Back pain. Really?

Last week, someone asked me if acupuncture could help with back pain. Back pain. Really?, Bow Valley TCM Clinic in Canmore, Alberta
So I answered yes, and I needed more information to find the root-cause of his problem. He said that’s his only symptom, nothing else is bothering him. That’s according to him. After inquiring about his lifestyle, I found out that he works an average of fifteen hours a day and doesn’t spend any money. The theories of Chinese Medicine apply not only at a physical level, but at an emotional one as well. When we dig deeper, we find quite often an emotional component to the physical symptom. In the case above, we’d think right away about the kidneys being involved. But there’s obviously an obsession with money. Therefore, I’d investigate about his digestive system, more specifically the spleen which relates to nourishment. When we consider the kidney-spleen axis, we’re looking at pre and post-natal energy, which are the energy given to us at birth by our parents, and the energy from the air that we breathe and from the food that we eat. Together, they help us perform our daily activities. Unfortunately, when work takes over our life and we don’t have enough time to rest, our body gets weaker and it lets us know. It’s up to us to listen or ignore the message. In the short term, the pain can be alleviated but real healing will only occur when we also treat the underlying condition. If you have any questions or topics that you’d like me to approach, feel free to let me know and I’ll gladly discuss them.