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I received the title of Doctor of TCM from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (CCAOM), the oldest TCM College in Canada, located in Victoria, B.C. As a student-practitioner in the clinic, I've had the opportunity to treat pain-related disorders; arthritis, neck and back pain, sequels of car accidents, sports injuries, just to name a few. For a period of two years, I treated people in South Korea under the guidance of my mentor, mainly patients with digestive issues due to stress.

Over the years, I treated health concerns in children and severe dermatological issues, not to mention emotional disorders such as anger, resentment, and depression. Here, in Canmore, most of my patients come for chronic sports injuries, especially neck and back pain, which is easy to treat.

In my spare time, I practice Qigong, meditation, and yoga on a daily basis and you might even find me with my family cross-country skiing in the area in winter.

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"The journey for a better health begins with a single needle."                                               - Dominic

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